Hot Damn!

yummy cockHave you ever experienced uttering something out loud that should clearly be kept strictly in your head?  What about reflexively taking in your breath after seeing something startlingly beautiful?  I caught myself doing both of those things last night as Damn Man walked toward me without his shirt on from the end of the bed.

My breathy “Daaaamn . . . .” was barely audible, and it caught him off-guard so he asked me to repeat myself.  As I did, he jumped into bed clearly pleased with my outburst and began kissing me with the kind of passion I’ve been sorely missing from my love life.

Damn Man’s “work in progress” as he calls it is the perfect Michelangelo’s David torso.  His shaved chest gives me goosebumps as I run my fingers along his perfectly defined pectorals.  When we have sex in the missionary position, I hold on to his toned, muscular arms for dear life.

Damn Man likes it on the rough side—and even though I suspect he’s holding back a bit seeing that we’re new lovers—I delight in getting my arms pinned and hair pulled.  I like a man to take charge in the sack, and Damn Man has fallen into that role with ease.

We met online and had our first date two nights ago at a dive bar close enough to my house that I could walk there.  Figuring that I probably wanted him to take me home and fuck my brains out, I did just that.  We fell into sync immediately and actually walked into the bar hand-in-hand even though we had just met.

The night progressed as all good first dates in blue collar bars should—we drank a little beer, kissed in the corner, and shot pool.  My father put himself through college sharking in pool halls, so I know what to do with a cue ball and stick.  This seems to always impress my dates—and Damn Man was no exception.

When we got back to my house the kissing heated up, and soon I was being whisked away into bed fully clothed with my boots on.  Let’s just say they didn’t stay on for long.  Sometimes when I like a new guy I purposely avoid first date sex, but I have been feeling deprived of sex lately, so I pretty much planned how this would turn out earlier in the day.  I made sure the sheets were fresh, my legs were shaved, and the house picked up enough to appear civilized.

Immediately I was glad I was fucking Damn Man.  He has a nicely shaped cock that’s definitely on the large side, he’s a terrific kisser, and he cums so hard it’s like having your body shot up with a bucking fire hose.  We pretty much fucked all night, but the first time he came he yelled out, “Damn, you!” and then—maybe realizing how that could come across—turned on his gentle charm. Purring in my ear, the man who had just pounded me like a tough piece of steak wrapped his fingers in mine, pulled me close, and told me how much he loves cuddling.

I honestly don’t know what will become of Damn Man and me, but I do feel as though I’ve hit the online dating jackpot so far.  This guy is hot, hung, and a whole lot of fun.  Will he want to get even rougher in bed as we get to know each other?  Will he ever want to bring others into the mix (one of my faves)?  Will he ultimately end up being disappointing once I really get to know him?  Well, damn, I sure hope I get to spend enough time with him in the upcoming weeks to find out.


  1. he seems to have the edge and the essential softness, sounds like a good combo. good luck!

    1. Thanks! I’m hesitantly enthusiastic.

  2. Damn Man seems like a keeper. Is he still around? if not how did it turn out? If you like point me to the right spot on your blog if you have covered this!! thanks for sharing so hot!

    1. Damn Man and I fucked the following night and then I left for California. While there he “met someone special” and I haven’t talked to him since. Too bad, huh?

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