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 His brown eyes darted about the cramped room as if he was looking for a place where he could escape.  They were beautiful brown eyes, to be sure, but they contained fear.  How long had he been in this cage? When were they going to let him out? As I waited somewhat impatiently to meet […]


The dark funk enveloping my psyche works its way into the recesses of my brain like finger wisps of fog.  While familiar, like a profile of an acquaintance you nearly recognize in a passing car, I can’t pinpoint where I know it.  My long history with depression clues me into its ominous tendrils taking hold […]


Before she finds this secret society, Edie tries dating men the old fashioned way; she meets them online.  Invariably, she ends up in bed with most of them.  On one level, Edie doesn’t mind having a revolving door to her bedroom.  She likes sex.  What she doesn’t like about the “vanilla” world—the world outside of […]


I have a new book coming out this April called Involuntary Reflex.  You know what I’m talking about–those quivers and trembles and shivers we all get when we’re with someone who really turns us on.  Or off. Put together as a series of interconnected stories, Involuntary Reflex is my most recent incarnation of examining what happens […]


 I’ve been toying with idea of re-publishing a few select posts for a while now, and I’ve decided to do it this way: I will choose a piece I wrote one year ago and compare where I am today with where I was then.  This is the first post in this “One Year Ago Today” series. […]


The thing about statistics is that they are the raw data that, when used wisely, can provide writers with valuable information.  Take this Top 10 List of 2013, for instance.  It could simply be viewed as stories that made waves over the last year at Off Go the Panties–but it’s much more than that.  Let me […]


The steam billowing out of the shower stalls made the scene feel like a dream.  With the air smoky and milky white—she could barely make out the steely frames of the lockers lining the walls. Slowly making her way, her right knee smacked into the bench that ran along the middle of the foggy room. […]


A few months ago, I wrote a guest post about why I’m sleeping with him but not you over at Boy on the Net.  Boy has returned the favor and thought readers might gain some insight from his wisdom about what attracts men to women . . . . Panty Parade graciously offered me the opportunity […]

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I have a new job, a new outlook, and a new book coming out in a few days.  This makes me think that 2014 is going to be a terrific year.  What’s more–I have  a plan to MAKE it a great year.  It’s a good plan, so I thought I’d share it with you . […]


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